Create What You Believe

Your Passion. Our Experience

The Partners You Want

Experienced operators with technical know-how where it matters

Meaningful Results

We roll up our sleeves with you when it matters, but leave the business to you

Dedictaed to the Pacific Northwest

We believe deeply that this region is as great as any in the world and are investing to ensure that is a reality

We Believe There is no better place today to build a new technolgy giant than Seattle. If you agree and have a big idea, we want to talk

Aligned with Technical Founders.

Proactive & Engaged

We've seen it all. Well, maybe not ALL, but we've seen -- and solved -- most business problems and challenges. We bring decades of operational and technical experience building great products in established companies and start-ups. We still code. We understand the challenges and the tradeoffs that you will be faced with.

Deeply Connected

Finding the Right Partners

We'll connect you. We know how to build great teams and will help recruit people that will make a difference. We know experts and influencers across the board in Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Infrastructure and everything else a modern business needs. We know customers, funders and potential exit partners.

Direct & Helpful.

Seattle Values, Valley Speed.

We make decisions quickly. We roll up our sleeves and get to work. We get you back to running your business as quickly as possible.

Seeding the Future

We invest our capital, expertise and relationships in early stage startups with big ideas and commit 100% to seeing those companies thrive through series A and beyond.

Our Current Portfolio


What We Look For

First and foremost we look for a passionate and well rounded team. We look for a team we can really help, whether through technical recruiting or business strategy

If you have a start-up in Cloud Computing, AI, Speech and Natural Language, Machine Learning and IoT AND have a passionate and well-rounded team in the Pacific Northwest we'd love to talk to you.

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Geoff Harris

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Heather Redman

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